by Secret People



released February 17, 2012



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Secret People San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Number One
I’ve seen it before yeah I wont get caught / you’ve got a silver tongue / and you use it a lot / try to convince every one around you / that your words are the truth

I don’t buy this new act / you can’t fool me / your motives have always been your own / cause to me you sound the same / your words are wind / you haven’t changed

To you this is just a game / you’ve never done / anything / for anyone / just looking out / for number one.
Track Name: You'd Never Know
You though you knew me / you couldn’t be more wrong / you see my nine to five / but after that I’m gone / what we do is secret / its not for everyone / this is what we and this is how its done / a three hour drive / for a fifteen minute set / to twenty fucking kids in a tiny basement

Would you / like me to show you

I treasure this / cause I know that this is rare / open minded people / who truly fucking care